One of the best ways to inspire young readers and writers is to find opportunities for them to meet published authors. Children’s book authors love to meet and talk with children, answer their questions, and, of course, read to them. 


Children in the New Milford area have an incredible opportunity this Saturday, May 17th. Noted author and illustrator Deborah Freedman will be reading “picture books old and new” at Bank Street Book Nook as part of Indies First Storytime Day. This national event, sponsored by the American Booksellers Association, is part of Children’s Book Week, “the annual celebration of books for young people.” For ninety-five years, Children’s Book Week has been “dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of reading in children.”

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Ms. Freedman, who lives in New Haven, is the author and illustrator of three picture books, Scribble (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2007), Blue Chicken (Viking, 2011), and The Story of  Fish & Snail (Viking, 2013). These books give young readers a peek into how the stories and picture books they love are created. But they are also filled with characters, both human and animal, who find themselves in situations that are instantly recognizable to the picture book crowd. Disagreements between sisters? Scribble has them. An over-enthusiastic chicken who just wants to help? Look no further than Blue Chicken. Or a snail who likes his home just fine and doesn’t want to leave, even if it means losing his friend? The Story of Fish & Snail helps readers learn that home isn’t really home without our friends, and that friends can help us find the courage to try something new.


Want to learn more about Ms. Freedman and her work? Visit her website, or read this interview with librarian, writer and children’s book blogger Julie Danielson.

Be sure to stop by the Bank Street Book Nook and join the fun starting at one o’clock tomorrow.